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Wind Turbines

Our expertise area on Wind Energy technology, we currently developing
the latest WindTurbine base on our innovated technology (Patent Pending).
We are also providing wind system consultation, servicing and etc.
Kindly contact us for the details.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels also known as solar module or pv module, it is the heart of
the solar energy system. It convert the suns rays into clean, renewable
electricity, Power range start from 10 watts up to 250 watts.

We carry high quality solar panels from key solar manufacturers such as
Kyocera, Sunflower, BYD and NexPower(BIPV). We also provide custom
design to meet your specific needs. Kindly contacts us for the details.

Charge Controllers

A charge controller could be considered the backbone of renewable
energy systems. Its function limits the rate at which electric current is
added to or drawn from electric batteries. It prevents overcharging and
against overvoltage, hence, to improve the battery performance and

Simple charge controllers stop charging a battery when they exceed a
predefined high voltage level, and re-enable charging when battery
voltage drops below the predefined low level. Pulse width modulation
(PWM) and Maximum power point tracker (MPPT) will be more
sophisticated and more costly, it adjust charging rates depending on the
maximum PV output and match the battery rating.

Our high quality charge controllers are specifically designed for your
renewable energy system from popular brands such as Xantrex,
OutBack and Morningstar. Click here for details...


We selected only AGM, Gel and latest Fe type Deep cycle batteries for
our system solution. These types of batteries are all maintenance free.
Click here for details...


The Inverters will convert the DC (i.e. 12V, 24V or 48V) voltage from the
batteries to AC voltage(230V 50Hz), All systems with more than 300W
will select the pure sine wave inverters instead of Low cost modified sine
wave for our system solution. Click here for details...


Cables, Solar Sockets, System racks and etc.
Contact us for your specific requirements.